White Bikini

Why is the white bikini so popular? Well thats one of the easiest questions I've had to answer. It leaves us a little room for the imagination. I think to myself, will it be see through when I get in the water? Regardless of if it is or isn't, the thought will always be lingering in someones thoughts.... and dreams.

Not only does it have a sexy appeal but also the white bikini lays against your tan supple skin and really catches your eye. Imagine a dark and stormy day and a flock of white seagulls flying over head. It's unexpectedly beautiful.

You will always be the center of attention. You can't go wrong with this color! Pure white on tan skin is striking, but what about those of us with porcelain white skin? You can still pull it off. I know what your thinking ladies, but trust me I've seen it myself and was awe stricken by a beautiful fair skinned babe. Shown here in this picture proves the skins natural beauty that only enhances the color.

Even when your in or near the water the sun reflecting off of the water really makes the suit shine. It's as if your on display. Its bold and vibrant. Not to mention the great ways to accessorize with this color! A splash of color whether it be red, blue or even gold bangles keeps the attention going on for days! Show off a little bit! Get everyones imaginations running. Walk out on the beach in it's natural environment in a stunning bathing suit that enhances the skins pure beauty. Lay out next to the pool as the girl in the bikini that says so much with it's simplicity. Keep those wondering how to look as put together and modelesque as you. Another tip of making this color pop, is laying on a bright colored towel. The way we accessorize is always helpful. Well, what are you waiting for? Grab your lotion, get that suit on! People are waiting for YOUR arrival.