White Bikini Bottom

Ok ladies, lets be honest here. The bottom we wear does need to be flattering. We come in all shapes and sizes and alot of our flaws are recognized in this area. Muffin Top, Ghetto booty, No Booty, Cellulite. These are all common terms and worries. So how can we excentuate ourselves, and hide our natural imperfections? Don't go to tight if you carry some extra weight through the tummy area. Overlapping skin is never attractive. Find a serong if need be. A sheer color is nice. It distorts what is underneath but still looks sexy and is comfortable. If your uncomfortable about your waist area throw on some catchy earrings to draw attention to other areas.

Put on that tight white skirt that doubles as a white bikini bottom, this covers your bottom, but is short enough to keep you guessing if there is anything covering you under there. And for those of us that like to show it all off. What better then a micro thong in the color white. This shows off the color of your skin and keeps them coming back for more.

A pucker butt is a great design for enhancing great curves whether they are already there or not. It has a seam that runs right down the middle of your bottom. This seam is slightly scrunched which creates the illusion of a round firm butt.

Always try to find a low waisted bottom. This makes your torso look longer, and really shows off your natural curves. Make sure you leave with a clean slate, if you know what I mean. It's a white suit and it has the ability to show alot. However, some things are better left unseen!