White Bikini Swimwear

The white string bikini is a jaw dropper, a definite eye popper! A perfect suit to tan in. Giving you little to no coverage in our most intimate places. Just wearing the suit can get a girl excited. Showing off all your greatest assets, and watching the excitement generate around you as you cross the room is a thrill. Guaranteed to be the hottest one at the party. As soon as you slide into your few inches of fabric, you automatically feel erotic. Watching you walk is hypnotizing.

Don't let this powerful bathing suit wear you. Walk with class and grace. A great way to keep the eyes fixated on you is walking to a rythym. Hear a song near by? Walk to the beat, this makes those watching slip into fantasies of you being that girl in the music video, or compare the words in the song to you.

Swimming in the suit is even better, feeling the water rush past your exposed skin is sensual. Playing water games is a great way to get noticed in this white string bikini as well. The distraction alone will almost guarantee a win! Or perhaps have the member of the opposite team you've been watching, join your winning team, for a closer observation.

Your curvacious bod gets the best of him and he pays you a compliment. This could be the beginning of a great time. All because of the tiny, white, string bikini you decided to put on and the way your body language spoke to him.