White Bikini Top

What type of top will suit me best? Smaller chested women tend to like the triangle tops, and the large breasted women like the bandeau top, or more familiarly know as the halter top. The triangle top is more traditional so this will always be a long time favorite for some. Personally I like to switch it up, I try not to get tan lines, leaving the skin more toned looking then fake. Medium breasted as I am, I kinda fit in between, which is a good vantage point of understanding the confusion of what top looks best. Minimal coverage is always best. It's flirty and fun. It really shows that you are confident with yourself. This is always important, whether your a small or large cup size.

Yes, we have all heard the common lines, or phrases. "A handful is all I need." "Yea they're real, real expensive." Whatever the line of the day is everyone is going to have there own opinion. It's that 1 negative comment out of the 10 positives that tends to bother you. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. In a white bikini top your sure to catch someones eye. Someone is always watching, whether you notice them or not. That person that you made a mental note of the other day, as they were walking away from you, well he or she prob had no idea that you thought they were stunning. That happens every day, by the millions of peope you encounter on a regular basis.

So as your reaching for the perfect white bikini top, and you stop to second guess yourself. It's the way that you wear it that really catches your eye. So walk out the door today with confidence. Or fake it till you make it, I always say!